Friday, June 11, 2010

Mattresses and Motorcycles

So one night I let the kids make beds on the living room floor with some mattresses. While they were putting them away I gave them the idea of sliding down them. They had great fun for 15 or 20 entertainment.

Analeise is always stealing my camera and taking pictures of herself. Here are some that I thought were pretty neat.

All of the kids and Chad bought motorcycles this spring. We finally took them out for a ride.

Kyla did not have much fun.

We drove though a spot that looked like old city remains. We named it Clay City.

I got the 4-wheeler and the 3 smaller kids. Needless to say my back was killing me by the time we got home from holding Eli. And Tessa fell asleep.

We even got to see a blow snake. YUCK!!!

Kyla always had trouble climbing the here are the other 3 helping coming to her rescue.

A view of the valley we live in.

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sariah said...

That looks like a really fun thing to do as a family. Even Eli gets to go!